Corporate Awards

At Awards & More (A&M) our business is to increase your business, everyway and anyway we can.

Our team of dedicated professionals provides the expertise to create successful programs and events that match what you, our client, imagine. We can provide anniversary awards, special commendations, quota rewards, retirement presents, employee awards, years of service mementoes, trade show promotional items and training aids; we can provide all these and many more.
Incentive Awards

Recognition is the strongest motivator for improving individual and team performances. Well-chosen, well-made and thoughtful awards reward great accomplishments and motivate future success. In that way a strong recognition program becomes an investment for successful business leaders.
Specialty Advertising

Specialty Advertising uses original and unique items and programs to convey a lasting message to recipients. This form of advertising has a budget conscious Cost per Impression (CPI) which makes it an excellent way to advertise your message without incurring excessive cost.
How Can We Help?

At A&M we are dedicated to being problem solvers for our clients and will do whatever is necessary to make them happy. Customizable awards are easily produced in our in-house workshops and we guarantee your satisfaction.

So please call or come down to our office and see our store so you can realize what we can do for your company.