Awards & More Services

Awards & More (A&M) is dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality services and products available. Our on-site facilities have a comprehensive assortment of state-of-the-art engraving and manufacturing equipment that includes diamond bit engravers, 2 laser engravers, facilities for crystal sandcarving, equipment for sublimation, colour processing and more.


Sand Carving is used to carve crystal, glassware, marble and endless other products with unequaled precision. Using silicone sand we create a recessed image in the desired item, the recess can also be filled in with a variety of colours to create an even more unique product.

Diamond Bit Engraving

Diamond Bit Engraving creates beautiful and memorable items in the hands of our skilled craftspeople. Using a powered drill driving a diamond tipped bit we can create a huge variety of unique designs and images.

Laser Engraving

With our flexible laser engraving process we can transform the simplest item into an award or gift that will be cherished forever!

These days there are a wide variety of materials that can be engraved using our specialty lasers. Wood, glass, marble, acrylic; the list goes on and on, laser engraving can be done on many non-metallic surfaces as well as on many types of metal. Add your logo, team name or personalized inscription to wood plaques, crystal vases, wine glasses or bottles full of your favourite beverage.

The possibilities are endless!

These days laser engraving is one of the most versatile of all engraving methods. Not only does the choice of materials offer limitless possibilities but the quality that can be achieved is breath-taking.


Wood is a common choice for laser engraving and different woods produce differing shades within the grain itself for a more distinctive effect. Wood can either be engraved or, if the piece is 1/4 of an inch or less in thickness, it can be cut into intricate shapes.

Granite and Marble

Both granite and marble can make beautiful lasting memories. It is possible to engrave an inscription, a logo, even a picture and the quality is astounding!
Advertising and Signage

With laser engraving there are endless possibilities for advertising and signage. There are so many materials that can be engraved and with such a wide variety of colours and finishes that the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the customer.

Unique Items

Unique gifts, awards and recognition items can all be created using our laser engraving services. Substances such as crystal, acrylic and glass can all be engraved to perfectly match your needs. A&M laser engraving can even be used on odd-shaped cylindrical items. For example wine bottles, full or empty, can be marked with names and dates to commemorate special occasions or events. Crystal vases, wine glasses, acrylic tubing; all these and much more can be laser engraved.

Laser Engravable Materials

Below is a short list of materials that can be engraved with our laser engraving system. There are many more but this will give you an idea of some of the options that are available.

Material Engrave Cut Mark
Acrylic Yes Yes  
Aluminum Yes    
Anodized Aluminum     Yes
Ceramic Yes   Yes
Cloth Yes Yes  
Coated Metals Yes   Yes
Delrin Yes Yes  
Fiberglass Yes Yes  
Glass Yes    
Leather Yes Yes  
Marble Yes    
Matte Board Yes Yes  
Melamine Yes Yes  
Mylar Yes Yes  
Painted Metals     Yes
Paper Yes    
Pressboard Yes Yes
Plastic Yes Yes  
Rubber Yes Yes  
Stainless Steel     Yes
Wood Yes Yes  
Wood Veneer Yes Yes  


Sublimation is a term for giving full-colours to the desired materials.